30×90 cm

Hojas R

Add a unique character to any space with our Hojas PVD ceramic tile collection. Appearing in violet, bronze, silver, and gold finishes, this collection is your way to make the design pop. 30×90 pieces with a floristic pattern create a relaxed atmosphere and add a stylish look to a kitchen, a bathroom, or a laundry room. Thanks to the titanium coating, the tiles couple a timeless beauty with exceptional durability to delight you for many years to come, without ever losing their qualities.

30 x 90 cm

Hojas R

Hojas Silver Brillo
Hojas Silver Mate
Hojas Gold Brillo
Hojas Gold Mate
Purpurin Navy Blue
Hojas Bronze Mate
Hojas Violet Brillo
Hojas Violet Mate

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