About Us

The philosophy of our brand Roced is to create remarkable environments, without race or culture borders, so that our customer can express their own style by combining the infinite design possibilities. Bright colours of silver, gold, bronze and violet can add a special touch to any environment.

Roced achieves metallic effects on ceramics thanks to PVD technology.

Physical vapor deposition, known as PVD, is an umbrella term for any coating film growth process in a vacuum environment, involving the deposition of atoms or molecules on a substrate.


Roced’s differences:

  1. Roced coatings open up new dimensions in manufacturing and design.
  2. Total exclusivity and customization of designs and projects.
  3. Increased service life and functional reliability of the product.
  4. They allow the substitution of expensive special materials such as gold, silver, bronze.
  1. Greater environmental awareness in the use and application of technologies.
  2. Improved resistance against corrosion.
  3. Antibacterial coating.

Titanium coating is very light, very strong and exceptionally resistant to corrosion. It totally highlights the walls it coats. Ceramics coated with titanium can reach very intense, homogeneous colours with a spectacular brightness and firmness that is maintained during its lifetime. Bright colours of silver, gold and bronze can infuse a touch to any environment.