30×60 cm / 11.8″x23.6″
60×60 cm / 23.6″x23.6″
60×120 cm / 23.6″x47.2″


Experience the allure of SATURNO, a tile masterpiece harmonizing elegance and sturdiness. Drenched in a unique PVD coating, this premium porcelain tile boasts lasting resilience, tailored for medium traffic zones. Revel in its lustrous semi-polished demeanor, enhanced by a subtle embossed pattern, bringing luxury to every corner. Dive into a spectrum of mesmerizing metallic shades: gold, silver, bronze, violet, and blue. Whether you’re beautifying a home, hotel, retail space, or boutique, SATURNO’s allure is unmatched. Opt for dimensions 30×60 cm (11.8″x23.6″), 60×60 cm (23.6″x23.6″) or 60×120 cm (23.6″x47.2″) and witness a metamorphosis of opulence.

30×60 cm
60×60 cm
60×120 cm


Saturno Gold
Saturno Silver
Saturno Bronze
Saturno Violet
Saturno Navy Blue

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