17×15 cm


There are so many reasons to fall in love with this classy Hexagono collection. Each piece looks sensational and effectively enhances the aesthetics of your interior. Their six-edge shape ensures that you will have myriad opportunities to decorate the space in an utterly unique and exquisite way. Coming in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, Hexagono tiles will effortlessly fit into any style you may bear in mind, no matter it is contemporary or traditional. Whether you prefer light, subtle hues or are after an ultra-trendy dark palette, the Hexagono collection will always steal WOW from the lips of your guests. From the kitchen and bathroom to the lounge room and bedroom, these tiles look marvelous both as feature walls and backsplashes.

17 x 15 cm


Piramidal Violet
Piramidal Bronze
Piramidal Silver
Piramidal Gold
Piramidal White

17 x 15 cm


Cuña Violet
Cuña Bronze
Cuña Silver
Cuña Gold
Cuña White

17 x 15 cm

Piramidal Micro

Piramidal Micro Violet
Piramidal Micro Bronze
Piramidal Micro Silver
Piramidal Micro Gold
Piramidal Micro White

17 x 15 cm


Micro Violet
Micro Bronze
Micro Silver
Micro Gold
Micro White

17 x 15 cm


Liso Violet
Liso Bronze
Liso Silver
Liso Gold
Liso White

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