25×70 cm


Unveil the allure of STICK, where luxury and innovative tile design converge. These aren’t merely tiles but handpicked design gems meant to metamorphose your interiors. Fabricated from white paste and accentuated by a PVD coat, STICK’s metallic spectrum illuminates spaces, gracefully playing with and reflecting light.

Its satin texture, married to exquisite relief, offers an unparalleled aesthetic, and the rectified approach ensures impeccable precision. Sized at 25×70 cm, STICK isn’t just for grand homes. Its resilience and elegance also make it ideal for boutiques, hotels, and premium commercial areas.

If you’re in quest of superior ceramic tiles to accent your interior design, STICK stands as the pinnacle. More than just tiles for posh hotels or homes, STICK’s metallic PVD tiles are a declaration of grace and luxe.

With STICK, it’s not just about tiles; it’s about sculpting spaces. Redefine your décor with unrivaled confidence. Each STICK piece is nothing short of an art piece.



Stick Gold
Stick Silver
Stick Bronze
Stick Violet
Stick Navy Blue

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