Radiant Comfort: The Heating of the Future

What is thermal comfort? It extends beyond air temperature. Radiant heating takes into account radiant transmission to provide comfort.

Technical specifications
In order for the heating system to be comfortable, the temperature of the heating panels must not exceed certain limits (65ºC-70ºC). The recommended room temperature is 22ºC, and 18ºC in bedrooms and bathrooms. In no case should the temperature exceed 30ºC. The micro panels glued on the interior walls have a surface per panel of 1.2mt2, 1.6mt2 and 2.0mt2 with a thickness of 0.5mm and are heated by means of an electrical energy supply and low consumption (from 550w to 1000w depending on the dimensions of the panel). In this way the heat emission is produced by soft radiation to the heated room.
Application in ceramics
The installation of these panels is straightforward and efficient, provided it is carried out by trained personnel. They can be placed on a variety of smooth surfaces without the need for extensive construction projects, as they do not require pipes, boilers, or radiators. This translates to cost and time savings during installation.

What is it?

Radiant panels

Radiant energy, when absorbed by objects, is converted back into heat energy, offering high emissivity and a natural warmth sensation.

Our  heating system consists of 0.5 mm thick, lightweight, flame retardant panels of different dimensions with low power and high efficiency.

Sustainable energy savings
Consumption compared to other conventional heating systems is estimated to be between 20% and 30% lower, which translates into savings and greater sustainability and responsibility towards the environment.

The advantages of our panels

Ultra-thin panels

Fast heating

No dust

Eliminates humidity

Invisible system

Maximum safety

Stable hygrometric degree

Easy and economical installation