120×260 cm


Discover the sophisticated Liana Collection, an exclusive range of metalized porcelain tiles that will transform any space with their timeless elegance and innovative design. Inspired by the delicate beauty of plant veins and leaves, these tiles feature a fine and elegant design that resembles nature in its purest form.


Liana Bronze

Each tile from the Liana Collection measures 120×260 cm, a large format that is ideal for creating bold design statements in a variety of spaces. The PVD technology, used to decorate each piece, not only ensures an exquisite metalized finish but also promises durability and resilience, making these tiles a reliable and lasting option.

The designs are available in finishes that evoke the richness of bronze, the luminosity of gold, and the elegance of silver, on a base that can be semi-polished or polished, perfectly complementing the metallic color palette.

The Liana Collection is perfect not only for private homes but also for commercial and special projects. Its unique design and large format make them ideal for hotels, shops, restaurants, and other establishments seeking to stand out and offer an unparalleled aesthetic experience. The superior quality and contemporary aesthetics of the Liana Collection make it a preferred choice for architects and designers looking to take their projects to the next level.

The option to integrate radiant heating system with our large-format tiles enhances the functionality and comfort of your spaces, allowing you to enjoy a warm and elegant ambiance. This innovative solution not only enhances the beauty of the tiles but also maximizes the utility of your spaces.

With the Liana Collection, we offer a wall cladding solution that combines design innovation with exceptional functionality. Invite elegance, modernity, and innovation into your spaces with these metalized tiles that promise to transform any environment into a work of art.